Friday, March 25, 2011

Cool websites and resources

The website of one of my fav authors where she details her backyard urban farm:

Add your own favorite resources in the comments:

Why This Blog Exists

I'm trying to gather support and enthusiasm in Dayton, Ohio for backyard chickens. A first step for Daytonians who want to grow more than veggies. It may at first seem a bit extreme. But, we're not talking about Roosters here. We're talking about folks producing more of their own food. With food and gas costs skyrocketing and Dayton's job market continuing to decline, its a very real possibility that food scarcity could lead folks to be interested in chickens. Plus organic eggs can cost $3 to $4 per dozen.

More than food scarcity, though, is self-sufficiency. Since more and more of us are interested in this option, chickens seem like a logical next step.Also, as Dayton tries to attract green, young hipster types to move in and work, here - the more friendly we should be to young, green hipsters who like the idea of growing their own food.

So, if you are into chickens and want to influence policies and codes in Dayton, join this blog and share your story. We'll keep your secrets, for now anyway!