Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Link to Dayton Daily News Article about us

Luci Beachdell wrote a nice little blog on the DDN site that got folks here. I wanted to share the link to her story in case you found me mysteriously another way.

From what I've heard from Luci a lot of us have similar goals for our backyard flock - fun, sweet pets who are hilarious to watch and fresh eggs that taste and are nothing like what you get from the store. No, we don't want roosters, and no, we don't plan to have messy smelly or loud pets. I would love it if someone would tell all the thump thump music vehicles that, no, we don't want to hear that window rattling music at any time of the day. Or, tell the large dog owner that, no, people don't appreciate being chased in their houses by loose dogs. But, since I can't, I plan to be a respectful neighbor who has a quiet flock (less noisy than some mating robins BTW) and a clean pen area.

Please share in the comments about how you plan to keep chickens and what would you do to appease neighbors. Hint, hint: an obvious help is to share eggs!

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  1. Hello! I live in Beavercreek and would love to have chickens. I have done all the reading and know what I am getting into now we just need to be aloud to do it!

    Thank you for starting the Blog!